Friday, May 6, 2011


Just a quick update....

I've successfuly been doing my picture a day.  I started on January 1st and have taken a picture a day!  
They don't always get posted daily but technically I didn't say I needed to POST daily!  :-)

I just started P90X sister is doing it at the same time so I'm hoping I can make it all 90 days! 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Photo a Day

I've officially started my photo a day!  

Photos are being put on my other blog, and I'm officially done with Day 1 and Day 2.  

Check that site daily for updates! 

To be continued....

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Getting back on track

It's a new year....
so I PROMISE to be better at this blogging/bucket-list thing!  

I haven't really been working on any of my items.  I also realize that I haven't even finished writing my list.  

I do plan on getting my butt in gear and working out (You've never heard that one before at the beginning of the year have you?!?!)...I actually have a 3 month free membership to 24 hour fitness but I was waiting until after the holidays to cash in on it...I was just out of town too much until now so it didn't seem worth it.  

I'm determined to get to my goal weight though...which may also include starting P90X again...

And...seeing as today is 1/1/11, I've decided that today will start my 'picture a day' journey.  It should be an exciting year: the likely possibility of moving, twin nieces on the way, and who knows what other fun adventures....I was going to start a new blog for the picture journey but I think I may just incorporate it in this one...thoughts?  Or maybe onto my other blog page (Be prepared for a lot of pics of my dogs...they are a huge part of my life!)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

P90-What?!?! I fell off the wagon a bit.  
I started the P90X program with full intentions of completing the full 90 days.  
I knew it may be difficult with upcoming races etc, but figured I'd give it a shot.  

Well, here's what happened.  

I tend to do the workouts at night.  I'm just NOT a morning person and cannot convince myself to get up extra early to do these workouts.  

No way.  
 So, typically I would end up doing the workout at about 10pm.  
All was fine and dandy until the night before the San Diego Mud Run on Halloween.  Saturday night I was supposed to start Week 2 Day 1--the day of push-ups and pull-ups.  That workout makes me unable to lift my arms with out them shaking.  
I started thinking about it and realized I really needed to have arm strength for the mud run.  
Seriously...those are some slippery, muddy hills.  
So...I decided to postpone that workout.  I did the mud run on Sunday, which happened to be Plyometrics day...again after doing the mud run I wasn't sure how well I would do with Plyos!  

And...there you have it.  

I need to restart my 90 days...but...I had a BLAST at the mud run, so, it was worth it!  :-)

Here are some of the 'dirty' pics from the Mud Run...not part of my list but way cool and I'll do it again whenever I can!  

Kaya, Katie and Me before getting muddy

Me going under one of the flag lines.

Me, Kaya, Brook, and Katie: after the fun waiting for the 'showers'...see that trickle of water in the background...yup...that was supposed to get all that mud off.

Katie and Me (and funny mustache dude that is WAY too clean to have participated!)
 Me: loving all the mud!  The last time I did one I didn't feel that I looked muddy enough...they just sprayed us with the fire hose so much that we were kind of clean at the end.  This time, Katie and I stopped and had a mud fight to ensure we were muddy enough! 

To be continued....

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Week 1/Day 1 of P90X is completed.  

As much as I kind of dread doing these workouts...they really are fun. 
I mean...I can't DO them like crazy Tony, and I have to mute him most of the time.  

But...I started.  

I know I said I would maybe post my 'Fit Test' results...but I didn't even really do some of it.  It was hard to measure how far past my toes I could reach myself...and how does one measure how high they jump by themselves?  
I know I am physically fit enough to do these workouts.  

And in all honestly...I don't really care how high I can jump.

I mentioned before that while completing the 90 days I also want to reach my goal weight.  
According to my scale I'm 11 pounds away.  

Seeing as I'm doing Weight Watchers, P90X, and have multiple races (mud run, roller blading a half marathon, and a regular half marathon)I'm hoping this isn't too hard.  

Right now my goal weight is 125.  

Weight Watchers always weighs me about 2lbs more than my scale, so I guess on my scale I want to be which time I'll reconsider if I want to lose more or stay there.  

I haven't taken my 'before' photos yet for P90X...I may post them...but yeah...probably not.  Or at least not until I reach my goal! 

Seriously...who really wants to see 'before' pics anyway?!?!?!

To be continued...

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Tomorrow is the big day.

I'm staring P90X.
Tomorrow will be the Fit Test and possibly Day 1/Week 1.  

That's all.   

(depending on how I do with my Fit Test...I may or may not post results)

To be continued...